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a tight tye-dyed dress
she was a psychadelic mess
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25th-Dec-2008 03:57 pm - Merry Christmas 2008!
matz matz

From Mama, Papa, and Katie McD, plus Wishy, BunBuns, and my new addition, little Lady <3 [that's here in the photo!]

Ps. Using my new lens [Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6] and new speedlight [Nikon SB-900]!!!! Isn't it just simply beautiful [the pups and the photo!]?!?

<3 Merry Christmas everyone! Even though our Christmas tree just fell over and shattered about 1/3 of our ornaments, we are all still in good spirits, still kind of drunk, and still enjoying our day together, as you all should do too! <3
2nd-Feb-2004 09:50 pm(no subject)
matz matz

Comment and I'll consider adding you :]
28th-Jun-2003 02:13 am(no subject)
matz matz
stolen from the beautiful miss kati at _ouch =] thanks m'dear. i <3 you...mmm...pie...
click it for me please =]]
now, on to another amusing point:
*censored* has left the room.
stArrYeyes28: WHAAAAAA
guitarbaby21: what the ducking duck
guitarbaby21: AHAHAHA
stArrYeyes28: d is next to f
stArrYeyes28: hahhahahhaa
guitarbaby21: yeahhh..
guitarbaby21: oh man..i lose.
guitarbaby21: i fail.
stArrYeyes28: lol
guitarbaby21: i get an F- form typing school
guitarbaby21: from*
stArrYeyes28: lolllllllllllllll
guitarbaby21: point procen
guitarbaby21: and again ^^
guitarbaby21: proven*

man. don't i just rule at typing. i know it. god that was in the middle of SUCH an important conversation too...MERF!!!!!

god i'm so messed up at 2 in the morning..i have pictures to post..BUT..that takes too much time, and effort..and i'm tired..and i'm just plain messed up. i mean..look at this::
guitarbaby21: and what the HELL is with that away message
stArrYeyes28: what do u mean
guitarbaby21: I MEA
guitarbaby21: AH
guitarbaby21: his PROFILE
stArrYeyes28: OH
guitarbaby21: lol soooorry
guitarbaby21: i'm a dork
stArrYeyes28: yea
stArrYeyes28: i dunno
stArrYeyes28: its ok katie
guitarbaby21: *falls on ground and sucks thumb* i'm a sleepy little babbbyyy watch me roll around and cry and drool
stArrYeyes28: HAHAHAHHAA
guitarbaby21: i totally just hung my head in shame for that comment. litterally.

and going back to the whole non-typing-abilities...
guitarbaby21: kk nighty nihfhrhts
guitarbaby21: whoa
guitarbaby21: nights*
stArrYeyes28: what
stArrYeyes28: the fuck
guitarbaby21: ok yeah. we've established the F- ness
guitarbaby21: let's all point and laugh at the retarded girl!

i'm going to bed. why did i just post this again?
25th-Jun-2003 03:00 pm - tan. yay. i *heart* being tan!
matz matz
crazy fun lately.
hanging out with dana again. thanks god. i was about to shoot myself. um yeah saw jared and frienchie yesterday for the first time in a whillleee and that was crazy. jared had his bihawks all fancy!! the right one was up in a full length fan, and the other one was a perfect twisted devil lock down his face and then down the back of his head. i took pictures, you'll see when i get them developed =] "webbed feet" ahahahaa holly, *dana's sis* if you're reading this, you're a loser. lol anyways. so then we went to jared's from the pool and went in HIS pool and listened to some music and then went inside and played with all the animals! yay! and then frienchie left and so me and jared just hung around and watched fun movies on his computer. joe eigo is my fucking hero. he's insane. and then i got bombarded with a camera and was forced to pose, and then i tried to sleep lol but i got rolled on. *shakes fist* damn you jared! lol and then i came home and pretty much just did nothing, but i got all tan! yay! speaking of tan, i'm gonna go outside and get more tan! yay! i get amazingly dark, and it's great. =]] love love!

19th-Jun-2003 11:00 pm(no subject)
matz matz
i'm such an lj whore.
i go on every day and look at all my communities and all my friends.
but i haven't posted in almost a week. CRRAAAAZZZAAAYYY!
today was one of the best days, in a really long time. this whole week has just been amazing. i've bonded a lot with certain people, and i'm really happy about that. =] we convinced a security guard that i was mentally retarded so we wouldn't get totally fucked. lol temper tantrums in mcdonalds because they wouldn't let me have a kiddie cone. i hate that bitch. i just wanted a damn kiddy cone. lol me and audrey were sobbing. it was hilarious. extra painful boob smacking game event today. then amber bought a snake!! Party Boy! that is one bitchin' snake. then back to keith's house for trampolene fun! the hose made it all the more fun! yay! and um. then i had to come home. which made me saddd..a big sad panda. =[ then i danced out in the rain to placebo for a little and just sat around. woo. it was such a good day.
tomorrow is the last day of school. wow.
saturday is dana's birthday, and happy katie gets her permit day. wow again, and again.
that's insane.
i'm scared...
little miss katie shootie is coming to marshall, as wel as miss catherine! that's gonna be soooooooo awesome. YAYAYAYYAAY
i'm out. i'm really tired...
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